okay, so maybe my middle name isn't siberian girl, but i did go to siberia during the summer of '99, and while i was there i dropped by mongolia, just for fun. there's not much in mongolia, but there are a LOT of mongolians, believe me. it was all part of my adventure on the trans-siberian express, the longest train-ride in the world. that clunky shower-less train brought me more or less in one piece from moscow to beijing. i even wrote a story about it, complete with pictures. there are lots more links to my traveling endeavors at the bottom of this page...

when i'm not on the road, i'm a student at columbia university, where i pay lots of money to work really hard and get really stressed out. i'm majoring in math and economics, and learning as many languages as i possibly can. no, i don't know what i'll end up doing, but as long as it involves traveling and math, i won't complain.

i took the fall semester of 2000 off from columbia to travel through latin america and learn spanish. to put it mildly, it was a very intense experience involving beautiful places, fascinating people, a very sexy language, an appendectimy, and a dogbite or two. if you'll be in that neck of the woods anytime soon, or if you're just interested, read the 50 things i learned while traveling in central america. if that's not enough for you, you can also read the 56 things i learned while traveling in europe.

at columbia, i work in the graduate school of architecture for a wacky woman named heidi and her sidekick deborah. heidi and deborah can go-go like no others. at work, heidi and deborah teach me useful job skills like how to give myself fake tattoos and do the butter dance, things that will help me get a real job someday.

sophomore year i lived in the columbia dorms with the crazy folks you see on the right. we worked very hard to maintain the serious academic environment of our prestigious university by organizing intellectually stimulating and enriching extra-curricular activities, such as dressing up as the spice girls... can you tell who is who? baby spice was my roomate.

posh spice and i had a wild time skydiving one saturday, too (see left).

during the summer of 2000, i went traveling around my own country for a change, soaking up some good old-fashioned americana. so far i've confirmed that americans are a very disturbed group of humans, but there's as much to love as anywhere else. i'll have photos from my journey from the big apple to hawaii to texas to seattle next time i get my paws on a scanner or i can con lachlan into scanning them for me.

sometimes when i travel, i bring my guitar on the road with me, and serenade passer-bys. if i'm lucky, i can earn my night's stay in the nearest hostel. for a self-made doodle of my guitar, follow this stinky linky. probably more impressive is my spray paint art.

feel free to look at some of my pictures the following trips:
1) grenoble, france
2) utopia
3) europe
4) trans-siberian express