Trip to Israel
in 2000, i took an all-expense paid trip to israel with birthright israel. i thought it might be fun to travel and get in touch with my jewish side. i certainly did have fun--as you can see from these goofy pictures--but i know in retrospect that it was also something of an indoctrination tour, to encourage me to support israel, perhaps economically and politically as well as emotionally. i hope to go back soon to get a more balanced view of the country. but until then, enjoy these pix...

the wailing wall in jerusalem.

a little scrape with death in the negeve desert.

at the arab market in jerusalem with ryan.

this is a big truck.


no, of course this isn't me peeing. that would be gross!

evan and gary, once again out of control. picture please.

watching the surise over the desert with the bedoins.

me and my special new friend.

the posse. word.

mooning camels is very very wrong.

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