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Rosie Piller

Rosie Piller has been teaching for over twenty-five years and training other teachers for the past fifteen. She has taught at UC-Berkeley, UT-Austin, the Interpreters' School in Geneva, Switzerland, and the University of Lausanne, also in Switzerland. In faculty development, Ms. Piller's focus has been on presenting effective lectures, leading full-participation discussions, using computers as instructional tools (inside and outside the classroom), designing good exams, and managing courses via the web.

In industry, Ms. Piller has over thirteen years of experience designing and delivering expert-level training and writing technical documentation for both internal and external audiences. Corporate clients include Oracle, BEA Systems, Sybase, Texas Instruments, HP, Bank of America, PGP, and Sun Microsystems.





Rosie Piller (aka Marion Rose Piller and Marion Piller) was born and raised in New York. Her early friends know her as Marion Piller. She has lived and worked in New York, Switzerland, California, and Texas, and she now lives in Boulder, Colorado.